Perak Museum Taiping

The Perak Museum is among the earliest museums to be built in South East Asia and the first to built in Malaysia. The Perak Museum building has ‘Moorish’ characteristics as well as a combination of Neo-classical and Victorian influence.

Taiping Zoo

The Taiping Zoo was established in 1961, and has seen continuous change and improvement over the years, in line with it’s objectives of conservation, education, training, recreation and research. Currently the Taiping Zoo has about 2000 animals from 160 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish.

Night Safari Taiping

The Taiping Night Safari was opened in 2003. The natural environment in the Night Safari is enhanced by using lighting similar to moonlight in the forest. Animals active at night such as owls, civets, wild cats, binturongs and many large mammals are displayed in the Taiping Night Safari.

Taiping Lake Garden

Malaysia’s First Botanical Wonderland. Established in 1884, it is the oldest and certainly one of the most beautiful lake gardens in Malaysia. It is situated in the vicinity of Bukit Larut and also houses the Taiping Zoo. A familiar sight is the drooping branches of ancient raintrees that never fail to attract the attention of every visitor to the garden.

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)

Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill as it was previously known as is the first Hill Station in Malaysia. It was established in 1879 and till today has a number of bungalows left by the British and can be rented. The cool and calm atmosphere in Bukit Larut is ideal for visitors looking for peace and calm.

Jungle Treking Bukit Larut

There are many jungle trails and one of the popular one is the Gunung Hijau trail. Along the way, you will be able to see many species of birds, the vantage view of Taiping town, wild orchids, ferns and other flora and fauna.

Burmese Pool

Burmese pool is a waterfall area which is suitable for picnics with family or friends. It is located at the base of Maxwell hill and has become very popular especially during weekends and school holidays.

Coronation Swimming Pool

This swimming pool derives its water supply from streams that originate from Bukit Larut. The cool and fresh water makes this pool a major attraction especially for those who love nature.